You have given me everything I needed
According to your riches
And the plans set for my life
They are for blessings not for curses
So I'll render unto You
All of the glory You are due

[Chorus:] 2x
Oh, I can't hold it
You don't know how
Much the Lord has
Done for me

[Verse 2:] Unison
Even when I'm faithless
Lord You are faithful
For in the time of distress
You'll hide me in Your tabernacle
If these would hold their peace
Then the rocks would cry out for me

[Chorus:] 2x

He has done so much
He has been so good

He's done so much
He's been so good

So much, so good
So good, so much

[Chorus:] 2x


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I Can't Hold It Lyrics

Indiana Bible College – I Can't Hold It Lyrics