Verse 1
I heard the voice of the Lord
Sweetly calling out my name
I've never heart it so clear
I've never felt Him so near
With tears in my eyes I fell on my knees

Verse 2
It reminds me of the story of a little boy
Samuel was asleep, little boy was asleep yeah,
He also heard a voice calling for him
It was the voice of his master
(His Heavenly Father)
Here I am Lord, thy servant heareth

Here I am Lord
Speak to Your servant, ooh
My life is in Your hand (Your hand)
I am available; take my life today
Oh, Lord, Yes, I am willing
Use me I pray

Verse 3
I humble myself before You now
On my knees I pray
Take away all the pride
All the pride in my heart yeah
I know that I am not able
And surely I am not worthy
But I am willing Lord
Yes, I am willing to follow You

Yes, I am willing Lord
Yes, I am willing to follow You

Yes, I am here, oh Lord
I am right here, Lord

I am available
Here I am, Lord
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Here I Am, Lord Lyrics

Indiana Bible College – Here I Am, Lord Lyrics