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Fxck The Bando Lyrics

Incognito – Fxck The Bando Lyrics

Fuck the bando (fuck it), I'm chilling in the trap, fuck the (trap, trap,
Trap, trap, trap)
Fuck the bando, trap trap man I'm tryna see them grams go
Fuck the bando (fuck it), I'm chilling in the trap, fuck the (trap, trap,
Trap, trap, trap)
Fuck the bando, trap trap, trap.. trap, I'm chilling in the trap, fuck the
Bando (trap)
I'm with some amigos, we ain't flagging up the gangs though (amigos)
I've with designers and the bank (?)
Like, why you cheating on your love and let your man go

Anyways, I'm stacking for another day
This year I'm sick, I'm serving on another wave
I'm smoking ammi, I'm ain't blowing on no dirty grave
OT for seven days, that's a certy

Like, me nuh trust nobody
You call yourself a killer, you got no bodies (what?)
You brought yourself a driller, now no money
Run up on..shh for bits, broke (?)

Yeah I changed from that yout getting no money
Shoutout to (?) they blow crow videos (my amigos)
No worry didn't brudda try to roll on me
Till the brandon beat the spot, keep it show donny (random man)

Brown skin girl how you rightous (are you pussyholes)
See I never wanna bring you back to my bits (nah)
More time I'm on the trap hitting night shifts (trap, trap)
Til my brudda (?) bill it, you can light it
Light a brudda leave him glowing like a high-viz
Side man talking like bruv, get a side hit (bow)
Grab a weapon, I ain't really bout the fighting

Let me switch it, let me talk about the trap mode
All around us pins and needles, how dem cats roll (and they dangerous)
No sleep, eyes puffy, so my hats low
You're watching sky high, you're screaming that's a bando (uhh?)
My nigga 20 now, he flexing in a lambo (my nigga oz)
That's 0 to 100 nigga real quick (wush)
I'm blowing weed at nigga (?) I told him build dis
I got a kid but scream fuck it like the milf did
Chest shot, bet your juju man can't even heal dis

The brother got 7 months and I'm tryna feel this
The rock mixed with cheese and ammi, I bet you leaning
She ain't fucking, so I said I bet you leaving (bye)
Had the devil close to my mind when I'm (?)
Touch one of my bruddas, I bet you seen whips, popping out the whip, tryna
Stop him so I can breathe him
Dudu clack clack clown when I beat it I'm rolling with VI, you can tell
That young and g shit
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