Walking into headlights
Calignosity envelopes all figure
A crywolf sentiment thrust skyward
To be marooned

Lost avenues wandering maimed
Trees leering obscenely across streetlamps
Creaking in the wind
That scatters soured leaves of hopelessness

A phantom,
Waif-like prancing through screeching chariots
Stunned rabbit stare, crouching timidly...

Bloodless admission, the breathing chasm summons
With the voice of whirring wheels

... cavernous eyes...
... porcelain rose
Smouldering efflorescence

Clouds bring rest to the moon's intrusive glare

Dreamt gleaming firelines
Tunnels, lights concealed in gloom

Fragmented crystalline landscape
Draped in garbage and rats
Watched by mannequins in store windows

In sight are the towers of sleep
Confounded by tenuous electrical guides
An orchestra of distant machinery
Pulsing through pavement drains...

I, as the shade
Ghost-dancing among swerving carriages

I am the night apparition
Glowing as vapour in soft lanterns
Incandescent spirit roaming...
Incandescent spirit roaming...

Along lost avenues
Wandering maimed.
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Lost Avenues Lyrics

In Dread Response – Lost Avenues Lyrics