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Rogr Stahlback Lyrics

In Angles – Rogr Stahlback Lyrics

It’s uncomfortable to see you in arms

And you’re right on time
You monsoon, you sucked all the light
Out of the room
Do you still think about time we spent?
Or lowering your bridge for me again?

Tell me how much closer we’d be
If I had just a little more reach

Watching this light leave corners of our room
Like sheepdogs we’re herding countless recollections

I’m growing old to forget your name
And it comes waves as we move
Erasing each step in this mud

I’ll lower my aim
Discomfort and credit you

You’re talking short
And I’m settled in words of a past life
Broken hands break my fall
And your eyes fixed on my hang time
My confidence I might crawl
Covered in hate of my own kind
Lofty eyes stumble tall
Watching you sail with the wind high

Your bridge is burning up
Lower than you had thought
Lessons once learned are gone
And twigs once rooted will rot
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