Verse 1
She's like the best thing that I never knew I needed
She got my foot off the ground so I'm feeling orthopedic
Call up juliano says man you gotta see this
My heart is in one spot I can't even believe this
Thee around uh way girl that ll talked about
Word to mouth I chopped it up
I got her number took her out
It was a nice little outing something gentleman talk about
As if I loved how she was spontaneously busting out ahh!
[Hook:] 2x
Everything we do, everywhere we go
I enjoy your company you know I love you so
She so she so spontaneous my spontaneous my spontaneous girl

Verse 2 Juliano
Yo, I might be singing on the hook but I love the single life. I like to go out,
I like to go party, take double shots of patron and Bacardi! Baby if you tryna
Reach me on my cellphone at this hour all I'm gonna hear ismy ringtone. You so
Random, poppin up like bubble gum all up in the club tryna ruin my fun, while I'm
Getting my jersey shore fist pump on. I don't like'em cheesy or to greazy like my
Easy mac, you can be spontaneous with another but not this cat ahhhh!
[Hook:] 2x
Seeing my potential yea that's what I call her but I never call her
As if she was a call girl
Making this out to be an autograph statement
Public service announcement
(Juliano) My Spontaneous Girl!
I never met a girl as spontaneous until now
You that girl from the past the future until now
It's obvious that I'm into you and your into me
Lest take a trip to Nintendo and make me and you a wii (Yea)

Harmony until the end
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Spontaneous Lyrics

Impulse Tha Don – Spontaneous Lyrics

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