What can move a man to dance
When he doesn't hear a band?
What can move a broken heart to sing?
What can make a weary sinner
Fall down on his knees?
What can make the halls of Heaven ring?
What can lift my lowest thoughts
To the very throne of God?
And what can lift my eyes from earthly things?

It's the power of praise
The power of praise
When led by God's spirit,
It's a mighty refrain
It flows with a force
That carries a current of change
The power of praise

Praise can give my soul a fire
When my passion's been consumed
Praise can give my spirit's song a voice
Praise can fill my mind with peace
When doubts have overcome
Praise can fill my longing to rejoice
Praise can turn my sorrow
To a holy celebration
Praise can turn my weeping
Into tears of joy

Chorus (2x)
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Power Of Praise Lyrics

Imperials – Power Of Praise Lyrics