The devil is alive, cause I can feel him breathing
Over the horizon comes hell and my arms wide open
As I embrace the apocalypse
This is what you came to know as fear
He's here... This is The Great Fear!

I don't care who you are
You're afraid of death, you're terrified
By how the worlds going to end
So follow me as I take you to the one where life begins
Where life begins

A flash, with black roses in our hands
We fall to the floor like ash
The hatred placed in humanity leads to the love of global destruction
And worship of senseless slaughter.


(Now put all this suffering and hatred together, this won't last forever)
This won't last forever!
(We are enslaved to a darkened world)
I will never follow!


(Everyone here will Die, but the great fear is being left behind.)
Hell is coming but I embrace the one
Who stands alone.
Hell is coming!
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The Great Fear Lyrics

Impending Doom – The Great Fear Lyrics