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Fall Of The Empire Lyrics

Immortal Choir – Fall Of The Empire Lyrics

"Ruin of the erstwhile most powerful kingdom of the continent."

Beyond the fog the eyes of war
Wait the battle sign
(To) destroy and burn the cursed land
A rain of blood will rise

The power around into this ground
Make us feel secure
To fight against the winds of time
Rebirthing the black woods

Hail the Moon this night
Sons of forest Ride!
Guiding the mayhem (to) the enemies of dark trees
Fall of the Empire

Troops of Fire tearing flesh
The Empire burns alive
The Immortal Choir attacks tonight
Screaming songs of fight

Impaled corpses will burn in hell
The eternal sacrifice
Trail of darkness fear and pain
Rest on graves of time

It's the glory sign
Forest now arise
Beholding the fields where my enemies blood flows
Fall of the Empire

Hear the silence from disgrace
Blood of death, victim of life
Rainforest now emerge
Right beneath the howling stars
Hear the silence, cross the verge
Now ride sons of hate
Reign of gold turned into dust

Hear the calmness of these lands
While men stand on ground
Voodoo priests destroyed by fate
Dark River, a glory sign
Praise the lords of (the) darkest hell
Still trust (the) same old pride
Raise the prophecy of (a) new Land
Run away escape from Time

Shades of forest, rest in peace
A new horizon, now arise

Hail the Moon and the stars
(Hear the evil side is the voice of infinity)
Immortal, calmness and war
(Whispering evil voices is the end of everything)
Go Shadows, Arise!
(Now the green is burnt and the phantoms of night are here)
Fall of the Empire
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