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Unholy Lyrics

Immoralist – Unholy Lyrics

Look at me I am the lowest of the low

I know you feel the devil
He lives inside these walls
Inside my mind
Inside my thoughts
He fucking see it all

See you in hell

You fucking want me?
Come and get me
Soon enough I'll be putting you in your fucking grave

We are scum of the earth
When we die, we will just crawl back to the dirty
We live in a world of sin
You will bear witness

And then the Devil said
You will witness the end


The voices in my head crawl down my throat and eat at me
They keep me alive but I just wish that I could die
Put an end to this fucking agony

Fucking end it

The black hand closes
Benighted mass writhe internally
It leaves me a threnody amidst the agony
Ascendancy eludes the bindings of flesh

The earth will be consumed
This is what you fucking prayed for
The earth will be consumed
And every single person will know
I am the lowest of the low
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