You're an inspiration
You always make me
See things so clearly
You build me up and made me realize
That life is perfect
With you it's endless
I thought I'll never have this pure
Love and affection
So I sing this line, this little rhythm
Of time just to make you feel how I treasure you
You're the light in my dreams of sea and sky
I'm falling deeper in your heart
I'll hold this moments of you and me
Fill it with memories
Oh how great would that be
You're close to me and you're never far
My heart is in heaven when all I see is you
I know you know what it feels like
I know you know how it feels
I'm so desperate so please stay
Just look into my eyes
And you will find
That everything is fine
I just can't define
What I have for you is a natural sign
You're the song that fires that made me inspired
I thank you for all you are...
You're an inspiration
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