[I. Meditations]

How can I be sure about the world my eyes are seeing?
Is this all the truth or just some kind of coherent dream?
What if there's a deceiver god who's playing with my head?
How can I be sure if I'm alive or if I'm dead?

There must be an evil demon that is pleased to hear my cries
Corrupting and seducing me to believe in all it's lies
I shall no more be deceived by what remains impure
I will fight the doubt and in the doubt I will be sure

[Ii. The Four Rules]

1) Evidence:
Only accept the undeniable proof
2) Analysis:
Dissect the fact to find within the truth
3) Synthesis:
Put the pieces together, side by side
4) Remembrance:
Nothing to omit, nothing to hide

I walk masked
Through the valleys of ignorance mist
I doubt
And that's the only reason why I exist
I walk masked
And face this nasty urge to believe
I doubt
I think, I am, I meditate, I live

Cogito ergo sum
Cogito ergo sum
(Sum res cogitans)
Cogito ergo sum
Cogito ergo sum
(Sum res cogitans)

No evil
Shall hide
The Truth
Free Will
Shall be
The only law
I think,
I am,
I have a choice:
I believe!

Res cogitans
Res cogitans
Res cogitans
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Res Cogitans Lyrics

Imago Mortis – Res Cogitans Lyrics