Anger blinding jet blood red
Crushing skull and bone
Burning rage so deep in hatred
Gone beyond the danger zone

Called you out to play
'Cause you're the one to blame
Break your back just to avenge
Guaranteed you'll shriek my friend
Reasons obsolete buried in concrete
A taste for you from Hell's own heart
Cut this shit I'll tear you apart

Crush your world
Crush your world

Power surging in my brain
Straining to the hilt
Ballistic rampage trying in vain
To conjure up this mortal

Malicious mayhem delicious
To the end infected mind tormented lust
Sinful bliss with every thrust
Deviate by choice
Dark thoughts are this voice
So frustrated can't you see
I'm drawn to it eternally

Coming for you
Comin to get you

Crush your world
Crush your world
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Crush Your World Lyrics

Imagika – Crush Your World Lyrics