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Joyful Day Lyrics

Ilere Paulus & K' Doulos – Joyful Day Lyrics

Chorus (Ilere Paulus)
We live day by day waiting for the real day
To be with the king in the air, in the air... Ah, ah.
We live day by day waiting for the real day
To be with king in the air, in the air... Ah, ah.

Verse 1 (K' Doulos)
The king will appear like a supernova
Even the blinds will see him
His gonna bring back all the cadavers
Then the living following
Every creatures living or dead
All will stand before him
With sheer bliss they singing
A new song to the real king
An ever lasting praise to emannuel
No more relocation we got a place to dwell
If you thursty his the living well
Heaven is real as well as hell
On that day is heaven or hell
That's how its gonna be, you better believe
I better die coz death is just a step forward to paradise

Chorus (Ilere Paulus)

Verse 2 (K' Doulos)
His gonna come back like a thief in the night
But his a thief who came like a knight
With a sound of trumpets
Countless angels on his back
Riding on a horse with keys in his hand
Setting the captives free, the blinds will see
The dumb will talk, The lame walk
Everybody will get a reward
What a joyful day! I'm kissing death good bey
I'm kissing pain good bey
Defeat and failure good bey, Sorrow good bey
If you real wanna go to heaven stop rejecting
The only person who can take you there

Chorus (Ilere Paulus)

Verse 3 (K' Doulos)
I know its gonna take me a little while
But I'll smile in a blink of an eye
When I meet this king of mine
His sitting on the throne with so many crowns
We going in to meet up yeah! With the king of kings
Brace yourself let the process begins
Jesus Christ on him we lean
Your boy is nobody but He set me apart
To appraise to the lost
His return its gonna be a surprise
So I'm forcussing on the price
Which is coming with the surprise
On that day every nation will get together
To meet up with their faithful lover

Chorus (Ilere Paulus)
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