A long time ago, dark forces were put into motion]
Sanctum Moleculae
Sacrum Particulae
Diligo vindico
Universa tutelae
Curious and cryptic is
The world of alchemy
Secretive and puzzling
The mystic mind to be
At his royal commandment
The sage is put to task
Provide complete protection
Like shield or iron mask
An amulet created
With properties unknown
Love will be the conduit
To friends of royal throne
This talisman of protection
Would be his greatest feat
Truly his Magnum Opus
His conjuring complete
If only he could know
The bitter fruit that it would bear
Darkness descending, evil unending
Unexpected consequence
Would make itself be known
Unholy entanglement
That nothing could atone
Witches were attracted
Like flies to carrion
Evil was compacted
And could not be undone
Coven battled coven
Intent to take control
Wickedness was virulent
And avarice takes it's toll
Hell is paved with good intent
To be enslaved by what ye invent
Noble desire that seemed heaven sent
End in despair and deep lament
200 years later
Dark forces would align
A wicked orchestration
Of crime on top of crime
A sorceress of I'll intent
Would climb a family stair
Ruthless in her ambition
And no one would be spared
A matriarch of murder
A bitter bride of greed
A king caught in the middle
Would end by ugly deed
Unexpected consequence
Again would be at hand
Evil begat evil
And a spider ruled the land
Sanctum Moleculae
Sacrum Particulae
Diligo vindico
Universa tutelae
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Magnum Opus Lyrics

Ignitor – Magnum Opus Lyrics