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Amazing Tour Lyrics

Ignatiy Lopaie – Amazing Tour Lyrics

I've got lost somewhere,
Everything's in darkness,
There was no light,
I seemed so blind,
Probably I would to stay here for whole night.
Now I'm still alive,
I'd like to meet my fortune,
It can run away,
There's nothing to say,
Though hopefully it might be close on my way.

The wings of the plane seem too light,
By the sky 'ey look so bright,
Our tour should be alright,
Near this countryside.
The wings of the plane seem too light,
Everything might be alright,
Everyone would be satisfied,
Get real feel.
Now enjoy the flight,
It can be an amazing tour,
Amazing but please don't get crazy.
Relax now, quietly watch the sky, so white.

I got shock today,
The plane landed close to me,
Then it was heavy and slow,
But I wanna know
Why it came here and why I didn't sleep anymore.
How I was confused
When someone called me to go into his plane.
Though I was always alone,
My heart seemed like a stone,
But the trip surprised me,
Certainly my thoughts were so wrong.

(Chorus 3 times)
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