I give it all for the dream
Bring it

I give it all for the dream
Is it going as far as it seems?
I got this million dollar arm
Throwing everything I got into
This million dollar dream

Live and direct, fresh off the jet
My beggin' yellin' team nothin' like this yet
Confident war, it's assessed when I stat
You pro'ly wouldn't see this again, I'mma direct

I give it all for the dream
Into this million dollar dream
I give it all for the dream
Into this million dollar dream

Swingin' balls, but enough to bring the millions home
Now the top of the mount is what we're sitting on
Bowlin' like we s'posed to, the level that we sittin' now
There ain't nobody close to

(Interlude x2)
Everything I need, some is what we came for
Goin' home wid it all, it's how the game go
I'm on the way to the top, and all the way to go
This mornin' ain't what it's been, that's what we playn for
Nothing new here, so what ‘mma gonna do here?
I like it, I love it, I just might bring it home to me
Save it two years, and ?
Next thing you know, you look up, I give ‘em blue heels
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Million Dollar Dream Lyrics

Iggy Azalea – Million Dollar Dream Lyrics

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