[phones ringing, babies crying]

White guy: Hi how ya doin'?

Nurse: Doctor's office, could you hold please? Yes sir can I help you?

White guy: Yes I have a four o'clock appointment, I'm here to get my shot.

Nurse: Okay, come right with me.

White guy: This isn't gonna take too long is it?

Nurse: Here we are, here have a seat right here.

White guy: Oh great, thanks, thanks.

Nurse: The doctor will be right with you, and can I get you anything?

White guy: Uhh maybe a glass of water would be great.

Nurse: Okay great.

[door shuts]

White guy: Damn, what is taking so long?

[door creaks open, funky music in the backround]

Doctor Ice Cube: Yo wussup?

White guy: Hi how ya doin'?

Doctor Ice Cube: Alright, let's see what we got here uhh, Mr. White huh?

White guy: Yes sir that's me.

Doctor Ice Cube: heh, I heard you don't like shots do ya?

White guy: No I sure don't.

Doctor Ice Cube: Aww you're a big boy uhh this won't hurt a bit,
Jus' uhh turn your head...

White guy: Let's get this over with.

Doctor Ice Cube: yeah uhh, rub a little alcohol on there, right here,
For you, and uhh brace yourself!

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The Shot Lyrics

Ice Cube – The Shot Lyrics