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Peppertree Lyrics

Icarus The Owl – Peppertree Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Collect me in a jar and shake me up
I'll be your talisman to be your any man at all
When you're cold, you can let me out to hold
When you need a friend, my shoulder is yours

[Verse 2]
I wish that the blink of an eye would bring you here
I'd be twitching myself to sleep
I'll make the biggest rubber band to sling shot myself
Over snowy passes and highway traffic

We are states away
But those are just dotted lines on a map
Lines on a map
Miles are the enemy when I need
I need you closer to me
I propose that trains go faster

[Verse 3]
Let's spend the day just wasting away
I know we would never leave this bed
I wish when I had skipped a rock
It would turn into an island for us to live on

[Verse 4]
And we could paddle out in a canoe
Made for two; Just me and you
We could live off water and coconuts
I'll protect you from all the pirates too
And when you're tired of the sand
I'll tell the tiny rocks to leave our land
If you want Christmas I'll make it snow
If it's too dark I'll make everything glow
Everything glow


[Verse 5]
You're everything that I need
Before you can resist me
Just appear so I can melt
Like a glacier in the sun
My eyes are yours and yours alone
When I'm with you I feel at home
Just appear so I can float
Like a boy who fell in love


I propose that trains go faster
Yeah, I propose that trains go faster

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