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Ghosts Of Former Lives Lyrics

Icarus The Owl – Ghosts Of Former Lives Lyrics

We’re headed down now; I don’t want to sink
You’ll make it somehow, with anyone but me

They’re crying out loud, but I’m not listening. No, I’m not, I’m not listening
You’re medicine, you’re the menace in me, but it’s not swaying. No, it’s not, it’s not swaying me

Please don’t hold it in my face. Hold it in my train car speeding to LA, like a sad
Boy running out the clock, ‘cause he’s too scared that he might get the part

Don’t forget my brain; you’ve taken everything else
That’s a shame it’s not a game I’ll play. Let go, my hands are not yours
Bled dry, but you still want more

Half way down the road, we cease, we crawl, we fight to find a better life, then die
Nowhere is my home and I confide with all the ghosts of former lives. Goodbye

Nevermind, it fell apart, and synthesized in your apartment
You couldn’t wait to hit the asphalt. You couldn’t wait to call that asshole
I’m on your side, but you are toxic. You say you’re shy, but you flaunt it
I don’t care who you’re seeing, just as long as you are leaving

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