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Dimensions Lyrics

Icarus The Owl – Dimensions Lyrics

Long hair, pale face, a locket, I think I’ll keep it safe for a while until you return to our apartment like nothing ever happened. It’s only a bad dream we’re in, and now we’re waking up

Short breath, silenced, trembling, I think I hear you tapping out a sentence through the
Dimensions, like you’re trapped there and helpless. And no one but me can sense you
Slipping through our fingers. And I’m crawling in

Quiet, like a mouse, in an old hotel, it’s premonition
Every second’s fading away. Listen for distant sounds in the out of phase range
Take the wheel, let them feel when they blame it all on me
Your ears are on the ground and your head’s in the clouds, you let it happen
Everybody’s out of their place. Insincere crumbling, it was ineffective
Take the wheel, let them feel when they blame it all on me

Piece By Piece, limb from limb. Sink Or Swim, never win
Drained of all adrenaline. Swallow down the medicine
God damn, you can blame it all on me

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