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Adalinda Lyrics

Icarus The Owl – Adalinda Lyrics

You know it is true, you know it is true
I can't take my god damned eyes off of you
But we've gone and ruined it
And all I can do is keep on loving you
I can't keep my filthy paws off of you
Our act is scripted and never finished
I've gone asea without food I can eat
The boat is old and the panels are weak
The tidal wave is imminent and I am sure to sink
I miss you like this ocean that's crushing me
Before they got through it was just me and you
Two stargazers with nothing to do
The fence would crumble; you'd be gone by nightfall
I am not strong or brave enough
To withstand hell that comes with love
We should never have started this
So much for forgiveness
We've crossed the line with our heads hung high
We've taken ourselves to our dusty homes
Our keepsakes are freeways
Dance along to our battle song; the only place that you belong
Share your bed with another man; a better man who will miss you, too
I cannot be wrong if I choose. The one I adore is fleeting
I may not be calm but I know the more I let go, it’s freeing

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