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Gentle Ripples Lyrics

Ian – Gentle Ripples Lyrics

When the raging rivers behind my mind’s dam
All converged at one time, my demise was near at hand
Then the wall began to crack and I feared what then would be
A strange and violent death seemed to be my destiny

Gentle ripples, that’s all they are
I heard somebody say
What do you mean? I’m going to drown
But I could not see a face

Like the splitting of an iceberg, my soul shattered apart
And I believed it was hopeless to try and save my heart
I swirled in my confusion, and was angry at my plight
Didn’t think that I deserved such a cursed, wretched life

Gentle ripples, that’s all they are
I heard somebody speak
Who’s mocking me? It’s a whirlpool
And it’s pulling me underneath

I yelled out, “Jesus save me,” and everything got calm
I stood there unscathed in still waters in the morn
I never breathed air so full of tranquility
My heart was renewed and it had a stronger beat

Gentle ripples tapped against me
And I looked to see their source
There Jesus Christ walked towards me
And I recognized His voice

He said those raging rivers were sent my way by Him
To cause me to be shaken so that I could see my sin
I would never let you drowned, son, for I knew you would believe
That I am the Savior, slain for you at Calvary

Gentle ripples, that’s all they were
You were always in My Hand
Gentle ripples, that’s all they were
And now you understand
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