[Chorus 1]
Tap your glass, let us see you unfold
Shall I tap my glass and give it my all
We could tap our glasses, let ourselves go now

Tap my glass, raise my voice
To call upon your attention
As it fills to the verge when full
It begs them for us all suspension

Draw breath and let ourselves go
Through the dark veil’s rolling floors
And feel the salt slowly fill your throat

[Chorus 1 x2]

[Chorus 2]
From the tide that's rising
Using all of my force
I form shapes on the sea
As she changes course
We are creating new islands
Now when the flood comes, swallow down all the salt
Coming down, we drown, we drown
We drown, yeah, ooh

Let the shallows of above forget us
Getting closer to the bottom
Adventure of a life in the cold
Never to be forgotten

Unless they want to let themselves go
Unless they choose to be swallowed
Then the above will be visible

[Chorus 1 x2]
[Chorus 2]

(We are creating new islands!)
(Tide is rising!)
(We are creating new islands!)
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Tap Your Glass Lyrics

Iamamiwhoami – Tap Your Glass Lyrics

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