I am the king, I am the queen.
I am the ruler, a true liar.
I am dreams you wish you had
I am the good and I am the bad
I am the sun I you are the space
I am the light and you are a dark place
I am spark and I am the flame
I am at fault, but you are to blame
That sets your world on fire

I am the sweet and I am the pure
I am the disease and I am the cure
I am the peace and I am the rain
I am the battle and the pain
I am the love and I am the kiss
I am the fight and I am the fist
That sets your world on fire.

You can't look in my eyes,
You want to look away.
It's all just dark and light,
It's all just night and day
Faces look familiar but they all look the same,
I don't recognize you,
I don't recognize you.
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Set Your World On Fire Lyrics

I Will Never Be The Same – Set Your World On Fire Lyrics