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We Wait Lyrics

I Declare War – We Wait Lyrics

We wait to die

I'm sick on the inside
My head is fucked
No motive left
I couldn't give a fuck
I don't like what I am anymore
What I've become
I am broken

Throw me down
Leave me behind
This whole place has burnt me
Mindless bodies
Soulless eyes
Never sleeping
Fear sits inside of me

Rattling around
Constantly making me sick
No one cares
Rotting on the inside
No one cares anymore
So why the fuck should I?

I am the sickness
I am the cure
I control the light inside my heart (x2)

No control over my body
My head is fucked
At times I wonder why I should take it anymore
I can't stand it
I can't stand it
Shadows haunt me
They live inside my mind
Sometimes they speak to me
Sometimes they cry

Bury me
Allow me to sleep
My head's fucked
I can't breathe
Alone in this world
Sickness lives inside of me
Throw it all out
Nothing matters anymore
Don't hold me down
When I try to find peace
Alone I sit
Waiting for my head to finish me
Walk into the light
Never fear for eternal peace
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