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We Still Popular Lyrics

Hyro Da Hero – We Still Popular Lyrics

I got material needs cause I got low self esteem.
I fuck with regular chicks they give me regular sex.
I drive a broke down chevy,
My girlfriend aint' pretty.

I work a regular job dumpin trash for the city.
I swear I live through the TV, watching big big stars in their big ass houses and their fast ass cars.
While they livin at large, and we livin it small.
I'm still partyin hard cause I'm the neighbor star.
I got the big big chain, poppin bottles at clubs hit the parkin lot pimpin, all the ho's show love.
So I say live it up and nigga I ain't stoppin cause in the hood we still popular.
The girls I mess with don't look like automained
The place I live aint nothing where stars stay.
The way I dreess they don't want me in rich club but guess what, we still popular
Put my friends in my ride, put the chain on my neck.
I want the money a power neighbor hood respect
People follow style,
People follow my lead,
I'mma neighborhood star, we still popular.
I ain't have money like Diddy,
But got swagga out the roof.

Women never call my fly but they always call me cute.
They don't like the car I drive but they still come inside
I'm the neighborhood voice, I get the ho's moist.
Fo'sho when the club close after patrty at my crib the people outside but everybody can't fit.
Police shut us down but next week it's up again, the star of my hood, fuck hollywood!
If money was sand I couldn't hold a grain.
There's only one life to live and I gonna live it main.
I want more but I ain't trippin cause I got it main.
It don't change, we still popular.

Monday I go to work,
Tuesday I do the same,
Wednesday's my day off,
Thursday I'm gettin paid,
Friday me car cleaned, new clothes and new me.
Saturday I hit the streets here come all the freaks.

Come on!
I put the rims on my ride,
I put the chain round my neck.
I want the money and power.
I got the hood respect
People follow my style,
People follow my lead,
Imma neighborhood star and we still popular.
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