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Comatose Lyrics

Hypnosia – Comatose Lyrics

Silent and transparent
Spreading through the mist of time
Creeping over land subversive
A veil of nerve wrecking damage
Daylight vanish into nothingness
Unnatural balance of nature
Deafening screams of blackness
Time stand still in this void of forever

The sun has burned black
Surreal state of inexistence
Toxins wrapped up in a shroud
Coldness and darkness remains

Unexpected as it came
A trace of unconsciousness darkified
Incline sharply into comatose
Transcendent the agent of coma

Watching people die with open eyes
Flesh melts eyes explode
Disfigured faces of pain

A Different face staring back
Invisible to the eye
Impossible to trace its path
Unseen of the seeing
Right before sinking into dormancy
Fierce conviction unfolds
Dead end of this existence
Yet being alive

Red alert def con 3
Detected but untold
Shadow of deception
Opportunity to control
Payment is life
To gain world domination
Situation never got out of hand
Before it was to be too late
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