Your logic's very strong -
That's what I have to say
But you think life always follows
Your concrete logic's way

You see behind the future
You analyze the past
You fail to see, however -
They bind before your eyes

Believe me, every second
Creates a whole new life
And you never know for sure
What's gonna be outside

You live a life confined
In your distinguished schemes
But some day you will find -
It's never as it seems

Cryogenic somnia -
This is how your life dissipates
You lose the tick, your eyes erased
You end up following your eerie trace
Consume your all existence
With your intrinsic trait -
With merciless persistence
To balance on the blade

You can't expect reality
To magnify your visions
And always be ancillary
To your long-term-made decisions

You love to play with people
As if they're wooden dolls
And set your ruthless gamefield
For puppets without souls

You go to work at eight
You always plan ahead
But how are you so sure -
Tomorrow you won't be dead?
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Cryogenic Somnia Lyrics

Hyperborea – Cryogenic Somnia Lyrics