Weight of the scriptures far too great so we just take some out,
We try misuse it, try dilute it, try and water it down
Church won't we wake up now,
Church won't we wake up now!

Verse 1
There are guys who long for the scriptures, and we act like they're just pages
But these are the God breathed words that were fought for down through the ages.
Some guys even died for the bible, because they knew it was sacred
I can only pray for the faith that would cause them to die like they did
They put their life on the line so we could read The Word so divine
Influential to millions of lives but we're still like 'they mean nothing to mine! '
I ain't talking about the paper cos trust me, I don't praise no book
It's a way God speaks to us so all Christians should be craving a look
But instead we make our own god and forget the character that He's revealed
If we forget the truth of the scriptures, upon what will a Christian build?
So we turn to the wisdom of others, the 'romantics', 'feeling lovers'
Live for the moment, live for the buzzes, but a feeling is not what God is
What happens when that disappears? Does that mean that God's not there?
When all else fails and life turns rotten, nah I read of a God that cares
And I read of others just like me, but how they suffer's quite frightening,
They clung to the promises He made, you can read His promises each page...


Verse 2
I'm one of those that has been caught slippin, so you know I ain't pointing the finger,
That's why I put we in the chorus, and I chose to have me as the singer
We complain that it weighs too much, scared that it might just challenge our lives
So we decide to rip it to pieces, and just follow all the bits that we like
But this chapter leads to the next one, and that verse leads onto another
Got to read that passage in context, understand it from cover to cover
Please don't read it in search for knowledge, puffed up, arrogant, just to recite
Cos what use is it knowing the text, if that text don't impact our lives?
Don't wanna be the man who looked in the mirror, next minute he forgot himself
That's what happens when the Word don't settle, just like dust when it's left on the shelf
Trust me peeps I speak to myself, still it's a warning I'm speaking to you
We're just the same both seeking the truth, enough of the speaking I'm seeking to do
Few times in my life, I'm reading it all, but I hated reading at school
But suttin changed when I got saved, pick up the page, and now I keep feeling it pull
Still days when I try to resist, them times when I just ain't feeling it all
But then I remember the Author, consider this is our wake up call
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Wake Up Call Lyrics

Husky – Wake Up Call Lyrics