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I'm Not Dangerous Lyrics

Huntingtons – I'm Not Dangerous Lyrics

You know I've seen you at the cinaplex
But in my mind I'm gonna take a guess
That you've seen me but you're too shy to say hello
I know you're sister don't like me much
''cause she heard I'm no good and such
But there's one thing she really oughta know

So tell your mama and tell you're pop
And your big brother too oo

Oh I'm not dangerous
I'm not dangerous oh no
I'm not dangerous and I wanna let them know
Oh I'm not dangerous
I'm not dangerous oh no
I'm not dangerous c'mon we gotta go

I'm gonna take you to the movie show
Were there's no blood there is no gore
It's a happy love story like you and me
I'm gonna sit down right next to you
I'm gonna buy you some popcorn too
And I hope all the ladies get a chance to see

If I could tell them how I feel
Let them know that I'm for real
Not just playing games
I don't think that I'd be alright
For you to walk home by yourself tonight
All alone tonight

I wanna help ya with your algebra
I wanna make you the brightest star
And show that this time and can succeed
We can sit down and read from psalms
While we're listening to the you. S. Bombs
And put a rest to everybody's worries
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