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Crackhead Lyrics

Huntingtons – Crackhead Lyrics

You're strung out on cocaine every single day
You're whole life's in shambles in every single way
You smoke dope you rest checked you smoked all the rest [?]
You're diggin' in your pocket but you're money's almost spent

You come to the man and try to score on him [?]
Why don't you stop why don't you quit
Cause you're a crackhead
And that's all you'll ever be
You're a crackhead
And you're not thinking about me
You're a crackhead
And I wanna try to help
But you're a crackhead
You wanna do it all yourself

You started on first though but you hadn't really grew [?]
Stealin' from the corner store and mom and daddy too
You lost all of your faith you lost all of your friends [?]
You're tasted and your wasted and your high it never ends [?]
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