Half way there. (c. Char Hunter)

1.) There's a part of me, that wishes every day could be easy,
No pain and no hassle, just kind of breezy.
Sometimes this life, requires our utmost attention,
In order for there to be positive intervention.

2.) There's a part of me, that would reach out and save every sacred soul,
That's burning down to a dim glow, and I know.
Here we are, and we do what we can but we do't always,
Understand, everything about man.

Ch.) Just focus on what makes you strong, nothing else matters
'cause we ain't here long, so rise above.
We gotta hold on to what we got, it dosen't matter if it's a
Ballad or not, about love. We're half way there, oo - oo...

3.) There's a part of me, that knows I'm so lucky to have you,
You care about me and you don't have to, and it's true.
It hasn't been easy and it won't be smooth every moment,
But one thing is true if we condone it, we move on.
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Half Way There Lyrics

Hunter – Half Way There Lyrics