White roses all down the isle, very first page of the
Chapter, don't wanna change it I can't believe
This would happen to me

Momma says I'm not suppose to grow up
She remembers how little
I was I always use to be a mess she just
Never knew that ide be the girl in a white

Verse 1
Daddy says I'm to young to get married
When I was little stayin in the dark was
Just a little scary he remembers my footsteps and the
Finger prints on the door he remembers me bien such a mess
He cried when he seen me in the white dress

Verse 2
But now I always got to be their for me
They just didn't want me to grow up and momma cried
When I said goodbye but I'd be back sometime...
And ever since I was little I've been such a mess,
They just didn't think I'd be the one in a white dress

I'm at the end of the isle, here comes the kiss
And daddy raises his hand momma puts it back down
The preacher says speak now

This night is sparklin now this is
It a chance everyone gets oh oh...
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Girl In A White Dress Lyrics

Hunter Parrish – Girl In A White Dress Lyrics

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