[Verse 1: Hunter Hayes]
Well, I didn't know me, like I know me now
Sometimes you gotta get lost so you can get found
I've been scared of the dark
I've been scared of the light
But if you never get knocked down, you'll never learn how to fight

[Verse 2: Lady Antebellum]
Imagine all of the dreams you're too scared to chase
You spend every last tomorrow looking back on yesterday
I've been where you are so many times before
These are moments when you find what you've been living for

This is where you fall
This is when you get up
This is where it all begins
This is where it hurts
This is when you learn that
This is where it all begins
Where it all begins

[Verse 3: Hunter Hayes & Lady Antebellum]
My Momma used to say when I was just a child
"Life's little ups and downs make it all worth the while"
Oh don't worry 'bout nobody cause nobody's keeping score
Yeah, your hardest days are a part of something so much more


[Bridge: Hunter Hayes]
Starting over is a beautiful thing
You find out who you are through the pain


Where it all begins
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Where It All Begins Lyrics

Hunter Hayes – Where It All Begins Lyrics

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