[Three messages from answering machine]

[Reef muttering "We back again"]

Mic check 1-2-1-2
Mic check 1-2-1-2
I been away for a while but I'm back again
I'd like to take a lil' (1-2-1-2) back again
I been away for a while but I'm back again
Yo, yo (yeah) yo (yeah)

I sit high in chairs, scribe in air
They say I'm a young Nasir minus nine years
In my ear I hear the words of Uncle?
He said, "Don't be something you're not and you'll do fine here"
To the top? Yeah, I'm tryin' to take my rhymes there
That place in my mind, I spend so much time there
When I was young I used to look up to fools
Got older and wiser, now I look up to?
Hand me downs, dress sharp, had the hook up from?
Never really had time to pick them books up at school
Then sun turned to rain, teeth got knocked
Broke the family's heart to see him locked in them chains
That's when I started to change before I started to shave
Gun targets your frame
Felony youth caught in a game
I thought it was live until I realized
Out here how quick your fortune can sway
The fortune of Gray, murdered in a tortuous way
I miss you homeboy, more than words can say
Those who did that to you in Hell deserve to lay
And I often pray I too don't meet the same fate
I write with the eyes of my beautiful grandmother
Teef, you ain't my cousin, you my damn brother
Mom, you're my hero
When I think of all you've done for me I swear I get tearful
Mo I'm proud of you
Your spirit it so strong, never let no one take that out of you
Baby doll we still holdin' on, growin' strong
Ain't no way I can do this shit with out you boo
My crew?, cp, E-Mon
? Rhyme, Phenom
Time for all the bullshit to be gone, no more starvin'
Let's get our feast on
I got some shit I want to speak on
I been away but I'm back again
I took a breather now I'm back again
I had to chill but I'm back again
I now you hate that I'm back again

(I been away but I'm back again) (I'm back) [repeat]

Haha, yeah
Welcome me back
Feast or Famine, good hands
Uh, get ready
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Reef The Lost Cauze Lyrics

Humble Beginnings – Reef The Lost Cauze Lyrics

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