Stirring up a shit-storm, skewing facts and distorting truths
Pushing your beliefs into the realm of ridicule
Playing the part of the Average Joe exposing corporate lies
But the Awful Truth here is that you're often full shit

There's no point filming when you're fighting lies with lies
You can stop writing there's only so much we can take
Why can't you just educate instead of trying to indoctrinate
Your left-wing rhetoric?

You're like a right-wing fanatic with moment of "clarity"
You shove different beliefs down our throats
But still you lie to achieve your goals

Please stop screaming Fatty, it's not that we don't understand you
But left-wing propaganda is still fucking propaganda
Your campaign of fear and hate against the extreme right
Reminds me of the bullshit on Fox News every fucking night

You said yourself that politics can make your head spin
So why not leave the picket-line and go back to singing about lesbians
And girls with no arms? We'll take over for you
So long, Mike, and thanks for all the shows promoting sweatshop shoes
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Michael Moron Lyrics

Humanifesto – Michael Moron Lyrics