[1salm Pille:]
The bride was fair and frankly sweet
The rising moon started the feast
Don't teas the dragon, let it sleep
You shall regret, time to retreat
A wise man warned you didn't care
An angel called you didn't hear
A prayer prayed in holy fear
The seeds of doom sprouted in tears

Thorns in the pillow
Sleep all the night long
Under the weeping willow
The orgy goes on
Please raise the black rainbow

[2 salm Pille:]
Anger of gods disturbs the dream
The worn out land under the weed
Unbearable thirst makes you see
The source is dry, sand in the stream
Don't drink this sand! No you can't hear
There's pain to stand, but you don't care
Can you get up and take the spare
No it's too late to revive your steer

The laughing window
Dead toads on your grave
One desperate bellow
Numb in frosted flame
Please raise the black rainbow

[Pille ja Valm koos:]
Eternal rapture let it flow
Who stole the sun - the black rainbow?
Enchanted mind can't let you go
Afraid of the black rainbow

[3 salm Pille:]
Descendants have paid for your sins
The king is dead, long live the king
A feeble man in silver shoes
Preaching the end of bloom
Leave us alone we have no time
So much to do before the night
Someone has found the hidden wand
In misery god waits the dawn
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The Black Rainbow Lyrics

Human Ground – The Black Rainbow Lyrics