And I dream in the morning she brings me water
And I dream in the evening she brings me wine
Just a poor man's daughter from Puerta Pinasco Evangelina in old Mexico
There's a great hot desert south of Mexicali
If you don't have water boy you'd better not go
Tequila won't get you across that desert to Evangelina in old Mexico
And the fire I feel for the woman I love is drivin' me insane
Knowing she's waiting and I can't get there
God only knows that I wracked my brain to try and find the way
To reach that woman in old Mexico
[ ac. Guitar ]
And I met a kind man he guarded the border
He said you don't need papers I'll let you go
I can tell that you love her by the look in your eyes now
She's the rose of the desert in old Mexico
And the fire I feel for the woman..

And I dream in the morning...
My Evangelina I miss you so I miss you so
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Evangelina Lyrics

Hoyt Axton – Evangelina Lyrics

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