I'm moving out

I am tired of your lies

And you've hurt me deep inside

So I'm moving,

I am not your stepping stone

And I rather live alone

So I'm moving

It's the last time you'll cheat on me

For the Truth has set me free.

I'm Moving Out!

I will not tell you once again

This affair has come to an end

I'm moving

You I have grown to dispise

You can see it in my eyes

So I'm moving

This is no longer my home

So you are free to go and roam

I'm moving out

You no longer will hurt me

Cause I'm moving I'm moving out

(Then repeat the first 2 verses at the

Music by Thomas Garibaldi
Lyrics by Howard Scott Pearlman

Copyright. 2002. Garibaldi/Pearlman

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I'm Moving Out Lyrics

Howard Scott Pearlman – I'm Moving Out Lyrics