(Wir halten durch.
Ich bin der Zorn Gottes.
Wer sonst ist mit mir?)

They will never understand
The power of their lies.
Now they'll see
The so-called evil of their tales.

Blessed water turns into blood.
Grotesque congregation.

The dormant is been awaked
In a dreadful place.

Betrayed by my own salvation.
Truth becomes a weapon.
Hear me laughing from the eye of God.

[Solos: Enrico / Francesco]

Branded with fire and madness,
I paid the price, I'm a new servant.
Ultimate state of dejection.

Cut my tongue, be my guide forever.
We rule this world together, cover me.
Erase my feeling, I see through the boundary of light.

The evil lies beneath,
In tongues of ancient speaks through me.
Eternal darkness to hide my fear.

Blood to cover my eyes forever.
I'll be reborn.

Still I can't escape visions of the horror
That took place in my insignificant existence.

To my new-found lust
I'll see the terror in your eyes.
[Repeat 2x]

To betray before being betrayed.
To bury before being buried.
[Repeat 3x]

[Solo: Francesco]
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N.E.M.A. Lyrics

Hour Of Penance – N.E.M.A. Lyrics