These are new days with old stories
So let's wash the same denial in similar patterns,
Because the emotions have become mere background noise.

Please take the apple from your eye.
We're blinded by desire.
Hey, when were you this tall?
Memory serves us not at all.

"To understand me,
You'll have to swallow a world. "
Or maybe your words.(X2)

Either way we're up to no good,
Rewriting our lives way
More than we should,
And only loving each other
Cause we've never been sure that we could.
You can't control our hearts.
You can't console a heart
That's impossible to touch and as such
I've thrown out regret,
Yet may have thought
About it a little too much.

You find that setting standards
Is less like revision and more like preparation.
So much like what we've heard
And what we've seen.
So far from what we want and what we mean.
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Patience And Prudence Lyrics

Hot Cross – Patience And Prudence Lyrics