Faith drop walking on fears
Take my hand now mind every step
It’s the brain damage with a whole in the head
This is the worst place I’ve ever seen and my body's tired
I will someday... Someday i'll find you
I will burn down all the things in this town just to start new.

Shocking tears but I know you
So I hold you
Shocking tears but I know you
So I hold you

I’m tired of modern love and the way these kids are fooling round
Someday they’ll go, maybe someday they’ll know
You’ll be there my heart and I’ll dry off your tears
I will try to succeed in life even this will take a while
Now the fear is gone and the game is on for every child
And the brain is framed so the gold is drained for people like me.
You will always be forever.

You said things will change in a moment tonight
Regret in every tear but the time is not right
Don’t try to hold on and let’s just say buh bye
You never loved me neither did I
Now it’s over and never gonna be
The same old friends that we used to be
The same mistakes kept pulling us away
That morning was a warning and a bad game to play
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Operatic Female Having A Crack Lyrics

Hot Casandra – Operatic Female Having A Crack Lyrics