Big Job: Yeah, somebody testify, can I fly in the sky, maybe test the sky,
And then that day come when I open my eyes, I hear the Lord shouting loud
You that’s my, guy yo I made it to the heaven land, flames on the other in,
God being boss, while I’m hanging with some other friends, I think it
Crazy, yo I see a lot of relatives, my unborn child yo he’s dancing with
His mother and, my father we can see royalty, I’m preach out these words,
While spitting out this poetry, mansion on the side, now we feeling like we
Rolling B, Jesus Christ is smiling now we thinking that we holy, gold
Street blazing, looking at the pavement, colors so bright yo it shine so
Amazing, Moses in the street with Elijah and a raven, Job foot working
While the praise them praising.

Hook: We gonna touch the sky, chillin with the Lord living extra fly, no
More worrying and no more crying, we gonna touch the sky, we gonna touch
The sky.
Touch the Sky, Touch the Sky….

Proverb: They say the sky is the limit but I doubt that, above and beyond
Is where my heavenly house at, no tears no fears only fly catch me at the
Right hand of the King like a mouse pad, no slave but the son of the most
High, flesh to the dust but my soul want die, why try to fight it, it’s a
Party up in heaven and everybody invented, worshiping you your Highness,
Nobody getting violence, it’s cherubim with violins, all magnify him in the
Diadem, I seen another die of men in his crown so I cry again, we worship,
Cuz we were purchase by the blood, you ain’t got enough money throw you
Whole purse by the love, hands up, let’s tear the whole church up doves
Seen from above, the sky is work I’m trying to touch.

Hook (2)

King Soloman: We ain’t talking nothing major, just Christian getting lost
In the savior, grace, cover my days yes I’m fill with the spirit, the
Angels gonna be cherry when I make my grant appearance, up there, stand on
That 24 karats cloud lace with love Jesus gave so the people could get save
From eternal damnation, please, take heed to the things you believe, feed
Your soul and discover his approval so when sin pursuits you it will not
Remove you, see Christ don’t want to loss you, he want to see you up there,
That why he took the time to chose you, so you can see the flashes from the
Thrown, experience is glory knowing that you’re home, give him praise why
You still have the chance now clap, smile do a little dance cuz we’re going
Up there!

Hook (3)
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Touch The Sky Lyrics

Hostyle Gospel – Touch The Sky Lyrics