Mired in the crushing kill
The papal blade wields further still
To cleave the unclean bosom
Of clean heretic heart
Ecclesiastic dregs to depurate
Through 20 years of sword and stake
Rex Mundi - the Inquisition's hordes
Prostrate the Katharoi

Kill them all
Christians and Faidits
Surely the Lord
Discerns which are his
In God's church
Gashes seep
Mothers sprawled
Children sleep - forever

Subdue the Good Men, make them tame
Induce our Lord with Sword and Flame
So Jesus on the Cross he wept
And bled
For once the beaten dog bit back
God's henchmen ambushed in the black
Of night - "All is free!"
"All is dead."

"The council has hereby determined to forthwith cut off the head of the dragon."

Hurling balls of stone to kill
The Trebuchet casts further still
To crush the unclean spirit
Of clean heretic heart
The sky heaves aching shades of woe
The Dragon thrashes in it's throe
The Synagogue of Satan, Montsegur
Slowly falls apart

Down the rocks
Four escape
Ad pecuniam infinitam
Forever gone
Saved from greed
Through their lines
To the sea

The time of peace has now expired
They drag them down the mountainside
Recant! Or feed the flames
We'd rather die.
So to the pyres they were brought
Up on the stakes havoc wrought
Et in Arcadia ego
Their embers shine forever in Heaven!
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Monts�gur Lyrics

Horns Of Hattin – Monts�gur Lyrics