Verse 1:
Stop and listen. I'm rockin wicked. No competition
On this shit. You gotta get it. There's nothing hotter than it
A whack rapper: what Hopsin isn't. I'll kick it to ya
If you got a minute you'll bob your head like a walking pigeon
Play my position. I'm kinda different when ryhmes is kicking
I got lots of this. I vibe to it as I rock a fidget
The amount of people that's feelin me is a hot percentage
They know I'm tight but I'll be concieted if I admit it
I'mma clown the game until I'm up at the top of it
And don't be chicken th call me out if you got a problem with it
Some silent shit is gone get evolved to some violent shit
And fellings gone be hurt so you better off if you mind your business

Don't get it started with that nigga Marcus. That kid retarded
It's gone evolve to some ruckus. He'll prove your shit is garbage
He be the illest artist, realest on this rap
All you niggas out there wanna get him on your tracks
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Pans In The Kitchen Lyrics

Hopsin – Pans In The Kitchen Lyrics

Songwriters: MARCUS HOPSON
Pans In The Kitchen lyrics © THE ADMINISTRATION MP, INC.

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