Oh shit
We about to go to the mother fuckin' jungle on this bitch

Uh, yeah
Yo, you gain some you lose some
I blaze like some hookah
I rock the crowd, leave the fuckin' place lookin' gruesome
How you think you killin' shit with basic ass maneuvers? (What?)
The games fake, filled with more snakes than Medusa
I'm goin' Hollywood (hah!) you was lied to
I only buy it if it benefits survival
I had a busted whip but real shit it didn't drive smooth
I had to open up the door to order in the drive thru
I'm so rugged and low budget, so fuck it
I'm cold blooded
To top it off, all the hoes love it
Go dumb, leave the microphone bloody see?
I'm so cold yall might leave with your nose running
See I got a fat flow, putting bars to rest
I roll up like I'm rick Ross's Neck
Ripping it up and keeping it funky like I'm das fex
I'm flawless? Yes. My flow will devolve your flesh, c'mon

Me and my boy, we've been on it for years
You might get snatched up if you try to come around here
Say Ehhh! (Ehhh!) Ayeee! (Ayeee!) x2

[Verse 2:]
Let's have fun hop! Woo! C'mon!
S-W, I am not here to trouble you
I just came to chill, sip and drink, and smoke a blunt or two
Slicker than a tub of lube, blow me like a cup of soup
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Jungle Bash Lyrics

Hopsin – Jungle Bash Lyrics