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Old Eden Lyrics

Honeywater – Old Eden Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Why'd it go wrong when it should've gone right
Why do we run when there's no need to fight
I can't go on if I'm not alone or talking to you
You never knew all the mountains I've climbed
When I'm with you there's no passing of time
All of my dreams have been realized and taken away

Why do I pray?
Oh why do I, why do I stay?
When the Sun's so far away
Well, I hope this is my last day

[Verse 2]
Blame it on me, things that I never did
A hundred and three, keep my lying in bed
I'm so afraid to hear people talk, these things they believe
Half truths and lies they're drinking like wine
The other sides don't get anytime
Listen to her, don't miss him at all
Or listen to me

[Chorus Variant]
Why do I breathe?
Oh, why do I, why do I leave?
When you're all that I can see
Well, it's time for honesty

I want love
But I don't just want love, I want you
I see the beach house, your sweet mouth
But the terrible news
Is that love is not how it seems on the screen
Yeah, real love has problems
But it's what's in-between that's the best

The way that she looks when she's dressed
For an all quiet Tuesday
Always a blue day with you
And darling I died for the sun rays that may not have ever been real

[Verse 3]
But still I miss you and I wish you would come back to me
Like you used to and last June, you came after me
And they need to be the one you see
But I can't see you anymore
Am I blind or just finding out that it's always been like this
The last kiss was only an accident
'Cause I can't get past you and I can't forget secret war

But I pray and I stay
No matter the distance
I'll wait, or I'll wait for old Eden's resistance
'Cause we grew together but I feel so alone
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