Into the gutter
The shoe slips
A cold foot, sweaty head
Numb fingertips
Bloodshot eye
Got a nail in the back
A broken knee, a loose tooth
Sentimental, are you in?

Maybe I could shine radiant
Maybe I am radiant

Begger begger begs my hand
The bus is late it's all blown up
No more turns cause I turned 'em all
Liver screamin' the bat is blind
Got to find a pillow cause I need some heat
Sentimental, are you in?

It gets so cold all us out here we're all the same
It gets so cold all us out here
We're all the same in the end

Tell me I don't know the scene, but I know that I do
Bangin' my head, bangin' my head
Bangin' my head right against the wall
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Radiant Lyrics

Honeymoon Suite – Radiant Lyrics