Hey there Julie at the bar
Working on other late night drink
Trying to cover all your scars
But hey there Julie, Julie at the Bar

There's a young man sitting next to her
Stealing glances from a old worn out mirror
And I hope that one day she will see
That that young man staring at her is me

Theif of reflections baby
Don't want any misconceptions
Three dimensional theif of life
Can't you see, Can't you see?
The theiver is me

Julie won't you see
And hey there Julie what brings you here
Night after night, not enough light to fill a smokey room
And are you willing to put up a fight
For a man, that man that makes you feel
Alright now Julie


Hey there's Julie at the Bar
Working on the last call, the last drink of the night
Still trying to cover all her scars
Hey there's Julie, Julie at the bar
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Julie At The Bar Lyrics

Honeybrowne – Julie At The Bar Lyrics